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Drawing Room CD

Drawing Room CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.

01. Keys (The Liaison)
02. Trip
03. The Garden Of Even
04. June Carter Cat
05. The Hounds Of Winter
06. Salt In My Lungs
07. Windsor For The Winter (formerly Autumn In Windsor)
08. The Spy
09. Skeleton Key
10. Sick Jack
11. Pocketwatch
12. Peddle
The Drawing Room is a patchwork from years of sound bytes and ages of tuneful marinating. If you listen closely enough, you can hear the Juniper tree from outside said window swaying in the breeze on nearly every strain. Truthfully intended for headphone perusing, the likes of a heavily wooded trail, glass of blueberry juice in hand and a pace set slightly under breakneck, would suffice. Mmmm......breakneck. 

It has to be said that if not for the prop-up and sustain of a select few this story would have quite possibly slipped through the cracks or quite conceivably found it's way to a dust teeming corner behind an eerie looking refrigerator. They'll be awaiting your firm handshake. 

Solely comprised of one member in it’s infancy, The Drawing Room was crafted by Joel Bruyere from Thousand Foot Krutch as a creative outlet for happenings. Be it conjuring magic tricks, shooting photography, creating a recipe and let’s not forget patterning together shades of music. Some photography and a couple card tricks have leaked their way out but the music remained a secret until now. 

The goal is to expose various talents, along with some close friends and share them with anyone willing to lend an eye or loan an ear. Art for all.