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Kutless x2 Kutless/Sea of Faces 2CD
Kutless x2 Kutless/Sea of Faces 2CD
Kutless x2 Kutless/Sea of Faces 2CD

Kutless x2 Kutless/Sea of Faces 2CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.

01. Your Touch
02. In Me
03. Run
04. Vow
05. Pride Away
06. Down
07. Again
08. Dry
09. Tonight
10. This Time
11. Saved
12. Grace And Love
01. Not What You See
02. All Alone
03. Better For You
04. Sea Of Faces
05. Let You In
06. Passion
07. Perspectives
08. Treason
09. All The Words
10. Troubled Heart
11. It's Like Me
Have you ever tried to listen that favorite CD a good friend ‘borrowed’ yet couldn’t find it? Or, have you wanted to replace that CD you accidentally let melt in the hot car? Music fans for various reasons reach back to buy classic CDs yet with limited shelf space, it’s sometimes hard for stores to stock them all. What’s the solution? The 2 for 1 series: featuring new parings of TWO full albums from some of the most well known artist in Christian music in ONE CD package. Our goal with this program is to strategically help you right stock your store with proven titles and brands that your customer know and love. In turn, offering you’re a new sku that moves quicker through your store and allows you to carry the key titles from the top artists while using less bin space. 

Kutless, a rock and worship band from Portland, Oregon, has several No. 1 radio hits, including “Strong Tower,” “What Faith Can Do,” and “Carry Me To The Cross.” With 1.9 million units sold and 1 RIAA Gold certified album (Strong Tower), Kutless continues to declare God’s glory through song.