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Hillsong United We're All In This Together CD/DVD

Hillsong United We're All In This Together CD/DVD

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Includes the 2 hour film documentary, 5 music videos, plus a bonus CD with 12 Tracks.

1. The Time Has Come

2. ONe Way

3. What the World Will Never Take

4. The Stand

5. Where the Love Lasts Forever

6. All I Need is You

7. Tell the World

8. From the Inside Out

9. Nothing But the Blood

10. Hasanna

11. Salvation is Here

12. Solution.

Hillsong UNITED began in suburban Sydney, Australia, as teenagers playing music in a local church youth band. Over a decade later they find themselves traveling the world playing to crowds numbering in the tens of thousands representing different nations, different cultures, and different challenges. As UNITED crisscross the globe they are confronted and ultimately overwhelmed by the stories of remarkable individuals facing injustice and the uncomfortable paradox of being united in worship yet divided in circumstance. If their entire focus is directed only to what happens on stage, then maybe they have missed the point altogether. Filmed over a period of 2 years, We're All In This Together follows Hillsong UNITED as they travel across 6 continents, 42 nations and 93 cities in a cross-cultural journey of music, animation, interviews and live action documentary as they realize every story of hope, love, loss and sacrifice ultimately points to the one story.