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Chronos Downpour + The Almost Southern Weather 2CD

Chronos Downpour + The Almost Southern Weather 2CD

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2 Great Christian Rock CDs for 1 Great Price. Both are New and Sealed. Come in Jewel Cases.

Chronos : 

1 Strange Ways
2 I Want The Ocean
3 Scream Louder (Cloud 10)
4 Without Me
5 Better Off Now
6 Red Rocket
7 Hammer No More
8 Walk The World
9 Out There
10 Downpour
11 Dime
12 Big House

All fans of the pop/rock style of bands like Dave Mathews Band will be instant fans of Chronos. Find out why there is so much word of mouth excitement about this new band whose sound is unique in Christian Music.

The Almost: 1. Say This Sooner 2. Drive There Now 3. Dirty And Left Out 04. I Mostly Copy Other People 5. Southern Weather 6. Stop It 7. Amazing Because It Is 8. Everyone Here Smells Like A Rat 9. Never Say "I Told You So" 10. Call Back When I'm Honest 11. Everything That Makes Me Sick