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Generation Unleashed CD

Generation Unleashed CD

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1. Always

2. He Live

3. Saved My Soul

4. Through Christ

5. Song in My Heart

6. King of All

7. Shout it Out

8. Be Lifted High

9. I Worship You

10. Shine

11. All That I Need

12. Carried Me

13. I Love You Lord

Generation Unleashed hails from the great Northwest's city of Portland, Oregon. More than a band, they are a movement that also annually hosts over 8,000 teenagers to thier worship and lifestyle conference held in January and February. Spearheaded by Pastors Doug and Donna Lasit and worship leaders Donna Lasit, Jeremy Scott and Jorday Filip, Generation Unleashed is an outreach of Portland's City Bible Church, impacting the city a 3 separate church sites, in addition to a weekly gathering with Portland State University