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State of Grace II Turning to Peace CD

State of Grace II Turning to Peace CD

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1. Magnificat

2. Turning to Peace

3. Curacion (Sunlight on Water)

4. Stabat Mater

5. Quia Respexit

6. Fear Not

7. Et Misericordia

8. Suscepit Israel

9. Ave Maria

10. Gloria

11. Let Me

Paul Schwartz is back with a follow-up to the popular series State of Grace, with State of Grace II: Turning To Peace. Having always been drawn to the great Latin texts that have inspired so many great composers before him, State of Grace II: Turning To Peace is based on two Latin texts: the Magnificat and the Stabat Mater.

"The Magnificat is taken directly from the Bible, from the Gospel of Luke: it is the prayer of Mary expressing her joy in the knowledge that she will bear the son of God. The Stabat Mater is a medieval poem that describes the sorrows of Mary as her son’s life is taken. I wanted to oppose the two images: the rejoicing expectant mother, and the eventual tragedy that overcomes her. These texts and the other songs on the album form a journey from joy, to sorrow, to joy again." … Paul Schwartz