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June Hunt Self-Worth : Discover Your God-Given Worth

June Hunt Self-Worth : Discover Your God-Given Worth

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Compact Paperback.

Invisible. Insignificant. Deep down, have you always felt this way but never understood why? Generally, negative self–esteem develop as a result of being treated in ways that cause us to feel devalued by significant people in our lives. Therefore the true solution to low self–esteem is to apply the healing balm of truth to the wound in your soul in order that your mind will be transformed, causing you to build self confidence and gain self–esteem.

If you look anywhere other than to God the God who created you with a purpose and a plan your view of your own value is in grave danger of being distorted. In this Christian book by June Hunt, learn how to gain self–confidence–confidence based on God and a healthy perspective of your identity in Christ. Before you were ever born, God established your real worth by knowing you, choosing you, and ultimately by dying for you!

In the Characteristics section of Self–Worth, June Hunt defines:

  • What low self–worth looks like
  • What can sabotage true spiritual growth
  • The impact of having rejecting parents
  • How rejection from others can rule you
  • Why comparing yourself to others is costly

In the section titled, "Steps to Solution," June Hunt gives you practical advice on:

  • Getting rid of your guilt
  • How to resist being a prisoner of poor parenting
  • How to have a heart of forgiveness
  • 7 steps to self–acceptance
  • How to answer 7 self–defeating statements
  • And much more.