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June Hunt Bullying : Bully No More

June Hunt Bullying : Bully No More

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Compact Paperback.

From school bullying in the cafeteria to cyberbullying after school, the statistics on bullying are staggering. This practical, quick-reference book shows how to spot, prevent, and respond to all forms of bullying. It covers everything from the root causes of bullying to the realistic ways to stop it. Perfect for teens, teachers, church leaders, youth workers, pastors, and parents.

Get a close-up look at the common characteristics of the bully, the bystander, and the victim and discover practical ways to help each of them stop the cycle of bullying and find a new identity. Receive incredible insight and biblical wisdom from Christian Counselor June Hunt on how to:

  • Identify the common causes and signs of bullying
  • Restore the self-esteem of a bullied child or teen
  • Respond when your child is being bullied
  • Safely stand up and stick up for a person being bullied

Find out what you need to know about bullying and how to take action against it with this quick-reference guide. It includes

    1. Definition Section on Bullying What is Bullying?

June Hunt begins this book by answering the question, "What is bullying?"

       She gives easy-to-understand explanations on bullying that will help you quickly grasp what bullying is and how it is different from other conflicts.
    1. Characteristics and Causes Section: The Bully, The Bullied, and The Bystander

This helpful section answers the fundamental questions: How can I spot the signs of bullying?Why do bullies...bully? and What are the characteristics of the bully, the bullied, and the bystander?

  • Learn how to spot the mental, behavioral, and social traits of bullies. (Checklist included)
  • Discover the 32 signs of possible bullying includes social indicators, such as constantly wanting to miss school, to emotional "red flags," such as severe depression.
  • Find out the 5 types of victims and the 3 types of bystanders from the apathetic bystander who feels no obligation to help to the passive bystander who fears becoming the bully's next target.
  • Explains the root causes of bullying, revealing the lies bullies believe about themselves (and others) that motivate their behavior. Shows their underlying desire for love, security, and acceptance.
  • Steps to Solution Section: How to Stop Bullying

  • Gives helpful advice on how to help those who have been bullied and who bully others. It provides helpful do's and don'ts for teachers, schools, parents, and church leaders on how to handle (and prevent) bullying situations. It gives specific action steps victims of bullying (as well as bystanders) can take to stop bullying. Find out

    • How schools and parents can prevent bullying.
    • How an adult can confront a child who constantly bullies others. (Provides conversation models.)
    • How to encourage those who've been bullied to speak up for help and how bystanders can practice intervening. (Gives role-playing ideas and the 4 key ways bystanders can help.)